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At St. Peter’s we are very aware of being part of a worldwide church, and we want to pray for, learn from and support Christians in very different cultures. Each year we focus on a different part of the world for our Lent Project, raising money but more importantly, raising awareness of the everyday life and faith of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We have supported a range of projects over the years, but have two particular ongoing partnerships:


We have a long standing link with St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and several churches on the Sudanese border. For more information and up to date news, please visit

Kolkata, North India

We are part of the wider Derbyshire/Church of North India Partnership, which has flourished for over 40 years. Our particular connection is with Kolkata and with St. Paul’s Cathedral and the work of the Cathedral Relief Service. For more information and up to date news, please visit and

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